Emily Ridgway, MD

World-class reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in Bozeman, Montana.


Dr. Ridgway is a board certified plastic surgeon and has completed residencies in plastic surgery at Harvard University and neurosurgery at New York University as well as a fellowship in pediatric plastic surgery from Boston Children's Hospital.


We create opportunities for people to live rejuvenated lives with greater confidence in themselves.

Ridgway Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa provides our patients with individualized, creative and compassionate cosmetic and reconstructive surgery solutions as well as aesthetic treatments that help them to achieve a vibrant and revitalized self in ways that are respectful, positive and realistic.

How we feel about ourselves is often a result of how we perceive ourselves and the image we present to others. The reasons each person may have when considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery are deeply personal. For each person, we listen to understand your motivations and the ideal image you envision, then design a strategy built upon a shared understanding of what can be realistically achieved.

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is about your vision for your body, and it’s exciting to anticipate the change it will have in your life. We’ll work with you to make certain you are prepared for every detail of the experience, from selecting the right procedure to discussing the level of post-operative care that may be required, all catered to best fit with the intricacies of your life. 


Our Values


Commit that every action we take will be taken with the utmost care and accuracy.


We commit to listening, striving to understand what others are feeling in the moment, and to respond with compassion.


We will explore all options for a given concern and offer an individualized solution.


We will be respectful of peoples’ bodies, insecurities, wants and dreams.


Through our words and our actions, we will grant people the space to be vulnerable, be respected, and be confident in our discretion.


   There are not enough words to say thank you! I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. You are a great plastic surgeon. You can tell you take pride in your work and have a very caring side.

Dr. Ridgway, you are a very special person. If I ever want to make improvements, you will be the first person I make an appointment with.

– Former Patient


  I want to properly thank you for doing such an amazing job. Only four days post-op and I already feel like a new person. I'm so grateful I was able to have the privilege to have you do the procedure on me. You work with such precision and grace. I had a lot of anxiety going into this and I knew that you would do a great job and I completely trusted you. 
– Former Patient


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